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In the two separate occasions that I have sought treatment from Jeremy Noble I have been supremely satisfied.  Having practiced in the western medical model since the mid 90s in emergency, cardiac, and internal medicine, I was not sure what to expect from my alternative treatments.  Although I have been supportive of alternative therapies, I admit that I did not fully understand the impact it could make in a short time. 

Both of my experiences with Jeremy were single visits and he achieved incredible results both times.  

My first visit was due to significant limitations in range of motion nearly 1 year after a posterior distal tibial fracture and ankle dislocation.  With lots of scar tissue limiting my movement I sought an alternative to arthroscopy.  After my initial treatment, and following the plan Jeremy set up for me, I was able to return to my active life without constant pain and limitations in the ankle.  

My second visit came nearly 1 year later, due to significant ulnar nerve irritation that was causing both pain and numbness from elbow to finger tips.  This was a result of BJJ and kickboxing. One of my Ortho colleagues recommended an ulnar nerve transposition.  Another session with Jeremy settled that.   

I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism, skills, and knowledge of Jeremy, and would not hesitate to send a family member or a patient to him at any time.  I just wish I lived a bit closer.  

   - Joseph Costa, FNP

I started going to acupuncture with Jeremy going on a year. When I started getting treatments it was for anxiety, panic attacks and grief. I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, emotionally and physically broken. Now I can say with regular treatments and Chinese herbs, I'm feeling a lot more put back together. We have also been treating my varicose veins, my headaches, my anemia, my asthma and my Lyme's disease. I was a mess, but I have found that I am a lot more present in my life now and looking forward to each visit so we can put all my pieces back as one complete person, not distracted by aches and pains that we all just "deal" with and get through our days.  

   - Trina

After 3 consecutive menstrual cycles that were preceded by intense vaginal itching and discomfort to the point of distraction from daily activities, I made an appointment with Jeremy to solve the mystery. He was attentive, incredibly professional and demonstrated genuine concern for my discomfort. 

It didn't't take him long to develop an herbal formula for me that I was to take twice a day for 10 days. Well, I took it twice a day for 10 days, but my symptoms were gone after I used the formula the first time!

It has now been 8 months since seeing Jeremy for this issue and I have not experienced the problem again. I am so grateful for his confidence, knowledge, and genuine care as a practitioner. As this was a sensitive and very personal issue, I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was by Jeremy's professionalism. He was disarming and made me feel comfortable right away.  

     - J.E.

Jeremy has assisted me with issues ranging from neck pain, infertility, thyroid and adrenal problems. I can hardly describe the resource his knowledge and skill has been for my health. My energy has improved, my skin has cleared and my anxiety has lessened considerably. His understanding of Chinese Medicine is truly impressive. Couple that with his tangible compassion and proficiency with energy work and I leave each session feeling that not only is my body receiving the help it needs but my spirit as well. His expertise and training are apparent in the thoughtful way he approaches each concern. I'm so pleased with my results at this point and can't wait to see how far I can go with his help. A true health professional and healer!  

      - Sara R.


My heart threw a blood clot which hit my kidney, causing an "acute kidney infarction." After three days in the hospital, the doctors prescribed a blood thinner, but that was doing nothing for actually healing the kidney or the entire digestive tract which was damaged from the event. I couldn't eat and when I did the results weren't good. I lost weight (and I'm already thin.) 

Acupuncture,and specifically the way Jeremy with 4 years degree training practices it, is the one thing that made me healthy again - stronger, and able to eat and digest food. Jeremy's training as an R.N. gives an added dimension to the work he does and the care he gave me. No matter what you are suffering from -go there! He'll help you.

      - Carol M.

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